Inventive, scratch cooking will be the letter of the day where the little details that take food from "pretty good" to "WHOAH!!!" will be noticed by every customer.

We'll have a lot of familiar favorites as well as some great surprises. American and German Dinner Entrees, Great sandwiches and hand cut french fries, (that's right- hand cut fries!) will be just a few of the items that will have you racing back for more.  Don't forget about our crazy signature deserts served warm with ice cream.

My aim when designing the menu was to make EVERY single item on the menu somebody's favorite thing.

We promise to provide delicious, approachable, and of course affordable, menu choices that will appeal to everyone!

 Many of our menu items you may have had in the past or at other locations, we have made extra special effort to add our own twist to these old favorites.

I'm really excited to get folks' feedback from our secret recipe beef. That's right, even our hamburgers have a secret recipe! More than likely your new favorite hamburger!!

- Chef Nick

Also check "specials" tab for daily great food items.